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Pediatric Ailments That Chiropractors Can Help You With

Dec 12

Kids being kids, experience punishing ailments sometimes despite their age. As a parent, it is not unusual to search for a chiropractor near you to help you out with your child. Here are some of the common pediatric ailments that a chiropractor near you can help with.




A child's chiropractor can perform a series of treatments to reduce factors that stress a child's nervous system, even while they don't directly cure ADHD.


Children often first exhibit Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) symptoms in the first few years of school. The most typical symptoms of ADHD include:


  • Inattention
  • Hyperactivity
  • Impetuous Behaviour
  • Concentration Difficulties


Between three and five percent of kids, or about two million in the US are thought to have ADHD, which is significantly more common in boys than in girls. As a result, it is expected that at least one child with ADHD will be present in a class of 25 to 30 students. 


However, because many healthy kids may exhibit similar behaviours, a child must receive a complete evaluation and accurate diagnosis before considering any treatment.


Although the exact aetiology of ADHD is unknown, it is currently believed to be a mix of a hyperactive nervous system and a decline in the brain's capacity to filter out unnecessary sights, noises, thoughts, and emotions.


Even while chiropractors don't specifically treat ADHD, they can assist in minimizing a variety of factors that strain a child's neurological system, including:


  • Correct spinal subluxations that aggravate the neurological system.
  • Offer dietary advice to steer clear of common problem foods.
  • Check for allergens that can cause your nervous system tension.
  • Make adjustments to the house to decrease exposure to dangerous chemicals


Medication for ADHD 


Methylphenidate, generally known as Ritalin, is the most frequently prescribed medication for medical conditions. A stimulant, Ritalin, usually increases the neurological system's activity rate. But for unclear reasons, it tends to settle down those with ADHD. This may be because it raises activity in the part of the brain that is in charge of filtering out unnecessary sensations.


Unfortunately, Ritalin has the drawback of masking the symptoms rather than addressing the underlying cause of ADHD. It has also been demonstrated that prolonged usage of Ritalin has negative consequences on the brain. 


Chiropractic care is an excellent place to start when considering treatment options for your child before resorting to Ritalin.




Several clinical research studies have shown that chiropractic therapy can help with bedwetting by reducing any irritation damaging the nerves that control bladder function.


Everyone affected by bedwetting experiences stress. The inability to control one's bladder can be embarrassing and shameful and hinder social development. 


However, it's unclear what exactly causes bedwetting in all cases. Some kids struggle to recognize when their bladders are full because their bladders are undeveloped for their age. Children under the age of four are far more likely to experience this.


It may be a hint that something is amiss if a youngster who has been dry at night for a while—weeks or months—suddenly begins bedwetting again. Most frequently, this occurs when a youngster is experiencing stress, such as a new baby in the house, a move to a new area, or a divorce. 


Additionally, bedwetting could be a symptom of another illness process or physical or sexual abuse. Your child must see a doctor if they start wetting the bed after previously sleeping dry. Bedwetting could indicate that stress or sickness is to blame for the issue.


Chiropractic might be beneficial by reducing any irritation that might be influencing the nerves that regulate bladder function. These nerves leave the spine at a location known as the sacrum. 


The sacrum is a single, enormous fused bone in adults and is very hard to hurt. The sacrum is divided into five different pieces throughout childhood, though. As a result, the nerves that control bladder function may be compromised if these segments misaligned due to a fall or other trauma.


Even though chiropractic adjustments are generally not used to cure bedwetting, several kids have benefited from them. In reality, numerous clinical research studies have shown that chiropractic treatment can help many kids who are bedwetters.

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