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DIY Skincare: Why It's Dangerous!

Nov 2

Facial is one of the in-demand forms of skincare, with people spending millions of dollars each year to keep their skin looking perfect. However, a new trend is on the rise that many experts worry about.

Do Yourself skincare is a method of manufacturing skincare products at home using natural components. This has become the buzz of the town, with several social media influencers coming up with their skincare tricks to follow. DIY Skincare could be an excellent method to avoid visiting a spa or purchasing pricey skincare items. It is a low-cost method of treating your skin. Unfortunately, what appears to be an all-natural method of caressing your skin can injure it.

DIY skincare is rarely a brilliant idea. Because a specialist does not administer it, its adverse effects may be more harmful than beneficial. Here are some reasons why you should exercise caution when utilizing homemade skin care products:

Because many people have sensitive skin, DIY products may cause various sensitivities or reactions. For example, because handmade goods do not contain preservatives, germs can readily grow and trigger acne breakouts. In addition, many DIY items contain food ingredients, such as eggs, which contain bacteria that might be harmful.

By producing wounds and rashes, utilizing a DIY exfoliant on your skin might harm it. In addition, debris and germs could enter this area, clog the pores, and lead to acne outbreaks.

Don't forget that many people have food allergies, which can be aggravated by using a DIY product. Strategic skin care is necessary. Applying harsh products to your face will worsen conditions rather than improve them.


Be gentle with your skin. Avoid experimenting at home with anything you are unsure of. Being safe is preferable to being sorry. DIY skincare mistakes can result in burns, rashes, or skin irritation. The best thing you can do is follow experts' advice when choosing a product. But first, get in touch with a local esthetician!




When you go for a professional facial, you can expect to receive a deep cleanse, exfoliation, and extraction. A good esthetician will also perform a skin analysis to determine your skin type and any underlying concerns. Based on this information, they will be able to recommend the best products and treatments for you. The bottom line is that DIY skincare is not worth the risk. When it comes to your skin, it is always best to leave it to the professionals!


One of the most frequent inquiries regarding a pro facial is what to wear. The solution to this dilemma is straightforward: dress however it makes you feel most at ease! Realistically, it doesn't matter what you wear that much, but you should remember that getting dressed again in constricting clothing after getting a facial might not be the ideal way to cap off such a soothing treatment. If you're coming straight from work or an event, don't worry about packing simple clothing to put on and take off.

Does washing your face before a facial make sense? You don't need to remove your makeup before your facial because the esthetician will do it while performing the washing procedure. Even if you aren't wearing makeup, the facial washing phase still takes place, so wearing makeup won't add extra time to the procedure.

Your esthetician will provide you with a robe once you arrive so you can remove as much clothing as you are comfortable with. To give the esthetician access to your face, neck, and shoulders, you should always take off your shirt. If wearing a bra makes you more comfortable, go ahead and wear it; make sure to pull the straps down so your esthetician can properly massage your neck and shoulders.

Many clients wear their pants, but if the robe is long enough and makes you feel more comfortable, you can take them off. Bottom line: Wear anything you feel comfortable in because your esthetician won't criticize you for it.

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